It’s our great pleasure to announce the first public release of Desole. Desole is an opensource error-tracking system you can install in your AWS account. It enables organisations to track application exceptions and errors without having to choose between the convenience of software-as-a-service and the security of a self-hosted solution.

With Desole, you fully control the data, so it is easy to enforce compliance, encryption and data security requirements. At the same time, Desole uses highly-scalable AWS resources that can easily handle high traffic loads and spikes. Desole is designed to be cheap to run, using AWS services that charge per usage and auto-size on demand, so you do not have to worry about operating costs or administration.

Desole integrates with S3, CloudWatch metrics, ElasticSearch and AWS Pinpoint, allowing you to easily create dashboards, query and search event data, set up flexible alerts and even integrate error events into your customer communication flows. It is also easy to extend using custom triggers and processing.

You can install Desole into your AWS account using a single click, from the AWS Serverless APP Repository.

Deploy now

The key contributors to Desole are Slobodan Stojanovic, Aleksandar Simovic and Gojko Adzic, who are also the people behind Claudia.js, a popular serverless deployment utility.

For more information, check out the answers to Frequently asked questions, information on Installing the service components and configuring client-side applications, and the Resources for Press/Bloggers.