Convenient and secure

Track application exceptions and errors without having to choose between the convenience of software-as-a-service and the security of a self-hosted solution. Install Desole with just a few clicks to your AWS account. It will scale automatically to fit your needs, but you still fully control all the resources, so it's easy to enforce compliance, encryption and data security.

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Cheap and scalable

Desole uses auto-scaling AWS resources, such as AWS Lambda, S3 and SNS, so it will easily handle spikes in your traffic. On the other hand, there's no upfront commitment or cost, and you pay only for what you actually use. Desole uses services that come with a generous free tier on AWS, so it's effectively free for small operations.

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Easy alerts, dashboards and triggers

Desole stores all data on S3, where you can easily query it using AWS Athena. It integrates with AWS CloudWatch where you can set up flexible alerts, (including e-mail and SMS notifications for unexpected error patterns). It can also send events to ElasticSearch for quick querying and full text search, and AWS Pinpoint where you can use nice visual charts and dashboards out of the box, and integrate error events into your customer communication flows. Desole is also easy to extend using custom triggers and processing.

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Get Started

Check out the tutorials below to get up and running in minutes

Install into your AWS account

Set up Desole back-end services in your AWS infrastructure with just a few clicks

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Include into your web app

Collect events from web applications with a few lines of JavaScript

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